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My name is Ashley Knight – and by day, I am a data analyst for the local utility. At night, I am a hobbyist photographer operating in the Chesapeake area of Maryland.

One day I bought a fancy camera and now I am trying to convince the world that I can take pretty pictures with it. I want to do that for you and your family… I created Knight Photo Co. as a brand that separates my photography from my regular life.

I shoot on a Sony Alpha 7 iii and I use Adobe products in post-production, all of these are regularly used by master photographers. I have been using Adobe products for over 20 years, myself. There will be no loss of quality in these areas.

I price my services based on the fact that I am just starting out in professional photography, and I hope that it will help those who want professional photographs taken but are willing to utilize the skills of a student in exchange for a lower session rate.

I don’t photograph weddings – that’s too much pressure to get it right. Unless we’re talking about an elopement ceremony or a small intimate wedding with lower photography expectations. But I LOVE portraits. Especially seasonal mini sessions with you and your family, maternity, engagement, birth announcements… small event photography such as sports games or school events. Senior portraits, or heck… even invite me to your family reunion!